Plan Z: Your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Survival Backpack Designed By Verge Creative Group

Survival Backpack Designed By Verge Creative Group

From 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy to the infamous blackout in 2003, we New Yorkers have experienced our fair share of disasters — and we're nothing if not resilient. But with the rise of global pandemics and dangerous diseases threatening public health, it's about time we asked the real question: can a zombie apocalypse be that far off? 

Historically, fear of reanimated corpses dates back millennia — but in recent years, zombies have become more and more prevalent in pop culture: popular films like 28 Days Later and TV sensations like The Walking Dead regularly captivate millions of viewers, and undead enthusiasts even participate in zombie walks every Halloween! Zombies may be a billion-dollar entertainment industry, but they're also a deadly threat — and at Verge, we believe in being (fashionably) prepared for any situation. 

That's why we developed a chic, practical zombie apocalypse survival bag: designed to ensure survival for 72 hours, this stylish bag is equipped with all of the essentials you need to avoid being eaten alive. Fully stocked with functional pockets and storage compartments, not only does our survival bag prepare you for any situation — it goes with any outfit, too!


The exclusive Verge Zombie Apocalypse Survival Bag includes:

Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs): Run away from zombies, not out of food! These ready-to-eat meals sustain soldiers, so they're your best bet for survival.

Personal Water Filter: Rather than lugging around a heavy canteen, this personal water filter allows any water source to become potable. 

Medicine: Band-Aids won’t work on zombie bites, so be prepared! Advil, antacids, antibiotics... you name it, we've got it. 

Tampons: Forget everything you knew about tampons: these multi-purpose cotton pads stop nosebleeds, stanch open wounds, start fires, and more!

Chapstick: Prolong the tampon-as-tinder lifespan, patch holes in your tent, and stop bleeding zombie wounds. Simply apply chapstick as you would to your lips... and hope zombies aren't attracted to the scent of cherry menthol. 

Goggles: Save your eyes from infection by strapping these babies on: instantly block flying debris and spewed zombie guts!

Respirator: Protect your lungs from airborne viruses and blood — breathe easier with this functional, stylish respirator. 

Bandana: Achieve that tough chick aesthetic you've always wanted... or use as a tourniquet in a pinch. 

Glow Sticks: It's a well-known fact that light distracts zombies! If you come across one, tie a glow stick to a paracord to mark a false path. 

Snare Wire: You may not be an experienced hunter, but with snare wire, you can catch your own food — after all, only so many MREs fit in the bag!

Paracord: Are you faster than a zombie? Use paracords to capture slower zombies ones à la Pride, Prejudice and Zombies; or, make a raft to escape speedier zombies à la World War Z.

Compass: Google Maps may no longer function in a zombie apocalypse, but you still need to know which direction to flee in. 

Survival Backpack Designed By Verge Creative Group

Survival Backpack Designed By Verge Creative Group

Flashlight: Distract zombies in dire straits or signal to your compatriots with this durable flashlight that doubles as a baton. 

Solar Power Charger: A zombie apocalypse takes us all back to basics: in the absence of outlets, charge important items with the power of the sun. 

Matches: Stay warm and fend off zombie attackers with a campfire — you can even cook the game you caught with your snare wire!

Flint: Channel your inner caveperson with this flint, which can be used to start a fire or puncture food. 

Signal Mirror: Reflect sunlight into the eyes of zombie assailants to throw them off while you make your escape. Just like in the movies!

Whistle: Whistle for backup in the event of a zombie raid to alert your companions — you may not make it out alive, but they'll have a better shot!

Swiss Army Knife: Fighting zombies effectively requires machetes or AK-47s, not two-inch-long blades; instead, use your knife to chisel rocks into flints and extract splinters. Plus, most come with a corkscrew, if you're lucky enough to find a bottle of wine in the wreckage!

Binoculars: Spot zombie hordes from far away for a better chance of survival — just don't get too close!

Tarpaulin: Memory foam pillows and aromatic diffusers? Non-essential. But you still need to sleep: use this waterproof tarp as a makeshift tent in the event of a storm. 

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