The Inspiration Behind Killer!


Constructed from a double-sided moto-metallic vegan leather, the SS’18 collection covers a range of silhouettes from slouchy to structured, itty-bitty to colossal. Add in reversible features, exaggerated bag tassels, killer guitar straps and you’ve got a series of change-ups tailored for that complex, layered and, often times, moody woman.

Sound like the leading lady of a Hitchcock film? That’s no coincidence. Often wounded with a cool exterior, Hitch’s notorious “ice queens” are the singular embodiment of victim and villain and, incidentally, the inspiration behind the collection. 

These characters as well as Hitchcock's masterful use of light and color inspired the macabre photoshoot taken at 11 Howard and the Killer! playlist we put together— now available on Spotify.