The Rise of the Girls Clubs: Where Women Can Unapologetically Be Women


Today's modern businesswoman is no shrinking violet (or Vera or Velma or Virginia). She wants it all, and sees no reason why she shouldn't have it. Want to start the business of your dreams? Sure, why not! Want to indulge in a bold mani-pedi and a blowout to make you feel sassy and strong before that important meeting? Absolutely you do.

But maybe not all business-minded women have the start-up funding to open a traditional company — so they've come up with a plan where they don't have to. Enter the women's club, the all-woman workspace where women can open up their full potential, basically designing any kind of business they can even dare to dream of. All you need is a laptop and some chutzpah.

It's not just that women are finally feeling confident enough to step up to what they deserve; it's also an equal and opposite reaction to the current political climate, in which women are saying that no more will they take a backseat to their male counterparts or stay silent just because of their gender, as evidenced by current sociopolitical trends like the #MeToo movement. They are openly responding to and participating in politically charged arenas like women's rights marches, community discussions, and social activism.


So, it's not really a surprise that women's clubs have been on the rise across the world since 2016, when the first contender launched its New York-based club. Women leaders no longer see each other as a threat and actually crave a sense of belonging within a greater female community. In fact, many women said they have found themselves to be even more productive and relaxed when they are in a women-only environment. The secret to the women's club is that they are a place where, for perhaps the first time, women can simultaneously exist in public and be themselves completely — without judgment and sexualized scrutiny. 

Despite being "women's only," many clubs actually admit anyone who identifies as trans or nonbinary to join (a few allow men). However, we have no doubt that dedicated women-only environments are going to continue to be wildly popular as they target the unmet needs of today's woman. In fact, women's clubs are becoming ever more sustainable by bringing to the table issues long unaddressed by the patriarchal business world. For example, with childcare en suite at your club, you will no longer have to choose between having kids or having a career. In the future, expect to see women's clubs continue to take on other pain points unique to women — from women's healthcare issues and mental wellness to equal pay and equal parenting — and more.

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