Letter From Our Founder + CEO, Stephanie Cohen, About Our Recent Partnership With Dress For Success


As a company comprised of 90% women, Verge Creative Group is fully invested in women's professional growth and we believe that empowering women will lead to a better future. We wanted to find a way to reach even more women and that is when we discovered Dress for Success, an international non-profit organization that provides a network of professional support, access to business attire, and career development tools to help working women in need thrive. Our initial encounter with the team was both emotional and invigorating, we recognized immediately that we shared the same values and commitment to giving women the tools they need to feel confident and stand on their own.  Many are not aware how tough the job market can be, especially in New York City. There is heavy competition and women who have not had the training and access to resources they need to find jobs and advance professionally are at a serious disadvantage. Dress for Success’ goal is to help women achieve full economic independence, ensuring financial security and professional satisfaction for into the future. A perfect match - we instantly fell in love with the organization and the entire team of dynamic, insanely passionate women behind the scenes that make it all happen.


To help support the strong and amazing women who rely on Dress for Success, we designed a professional and fashionable tote bag they can confidently use when they attend vital job interviews – and for life beyond. We're proud to report that our tote was supplied to more than 2,000 women, and we hope that it will give them that little extra boost to kill it when they walk into that room. At Verge, we are aware that there is a tremendous emotional component to fashion, we know that when we give a women the right clothes and accessories, she’ll look better and she’ll be more confident. 


When we invited the Dress for Success team back to our NoMad showroom to view the finished tote, the excitement in the room was palpable. It was about so much more than a tote bag -- it was about women supporting women, it was about sharing our own stories of challenges as women in our professional lives and it was about a secret that all women share and that is when we look great, that je ne sais quoi that it takes to take us over the finish line. It is empowering. It is the belief that all women deserve the chance to success in life, love and the pursuit of whatever they dream.