We are a full-service product development and delivery platform for your private label and promotional needs. We manage the entire supply chain from concept to delivery.



We always bring something current and fresh to the design table. Our development process begins even before our clients reach out. We attend shows, trade forums, and other indirect sources of inspiration to fuel our innovation. We pride ourselves in offering new ideas that meet the client directive, timeline, and budget. 



We “get it.” Creatively, we are tuned into what is happening from the avant-garde to the mainstream. We understand where each of our clients stand in that spectrum and design unique products that are brand-appropriate.  We also understand what it means to work within a budget. A large part of our design process is scouring the fabric markets for elevated but cost-effective materials that will suit our client-specific needs.



We've got it under control. With a satellite office in Shenzhen, China and several longstanding factory relationships, we are able to tightly manage the overseas production and quality assurance process. In addition to meeting our clients’ social compliance standards, we also work with third-party companies to perform inspections and product testing prior to shipping.



We solve your problems. We manage the shipping and logistics from our factories to your local distribution centers while troubleshooting to prevent any unnecessary delays. Our process is transparent and clearly communicated every step of the way.